This weekend we are doing a plantation trip through the hills of Byron Bay and surrounds. This is going to be an awesome trip with lots of cool things to see and experience.


Some of the highlights include

Going to Wirui Estate for a welcome coffee and introduction to Zeta Grealy, then touring the farm. Hand picking coffee, flotation sorting, Pulping, and Sun drying  

Keynote Presentation: David Peasley David has been a key adviser to the coffee industry in the region since its inception, and will be giving insights into the past, present and future of coffee growing in northern NSW.

Cupping of local NSW coffees alongside international coffees using SCAA cupping protocols and forms, followed by discussion on our findings.

 Visiting Byron Blue Coffee Plantation and welcomed by Mark Bullivant, plantation manager. Tour of the plantation and Exploring large scale wet and dry mill equipment.

It's going to be an incredibly informative and interesting weekend and I can't wait to share it all with you.