Love the Journey, Live the Obsession.

It's all about the journey. A journey that stretches across several continents.

It starts with individuals and families, and their dedication, pride and hard work. Their product contains their soul which is expressed in cups daily around the planet. Our mission is to find these people and bring their story back to you in the form of a blessed bean. We then roast it to perfection and bring out its inherent qualities and characteristics. From the Indian Malabar coast to the mountains of Colombia.

This is our story, we invite you to be a part of it.


The Blessed Bean is committed to sustainable and ethical farming and business practices. We work hard to achieve direct relationships with the primary producers. The Blessed Bean does not support child labour, unsustainable practices or unfair treatment and/or lack of services to the workers in the plantations. Our approach is entirely holistic from building relationships with growers, encouraging good harvesting practices, and respecting the people and their culture by sharing their stories and always paying homage to the origin.

 2013 India Origin Trip


At The Blessed Bean, we select only 100% arabica coffee which has a delicacy and flavour that is unrivaled in its botanic variety.

We only choose high grade arabica which is judged by international panels of qualified professionals as being the finest coffee on offer. Our coffee is carefully selected and we know how to highlight its complex aroma and taste.

From around the globe we search for coffee that displays attributes that will tantalise the senses of our customers and spark the curiosity of the adventurous.


We give personality to coffee! We believe that each palette is different, so our blends have been handcrafted to have a specific character which have been designed to meet our blends' persona. This enables us to educate our customers and suit demographics and individual customer needs.

If you love incredible coffee, you'll love The Blessed Bean.


Coffee is our way of life, it's at the core of everything we do.

Our team has extensive experience in the coffee industry. We have Barista and Latte Art champions, and we know how to get the most from the coffee we provide. In our cafes, every customer we serve, every interaction we make is an opportunity to make someone's day. We seize every opportunity to make a difference and leave things better than we found it.