Blessed Bean brews up new coffee cart

The divine Blessed Bean will christen its latest addition with liquid of a different kind.

The business unveiled a coffee cart out the front its Best Street cafe to alleviate congestion and improve the rate at which people can satisfy their caffeine cravings on Tuesday.

After four months of planning, the takeaway coffee cart imported from Italy will open on a trial basis from today for three hours from 7am to cater for the working crowd...

Cafe Scene Feature

Gender Blends

22nd July, 2013 - Jason was interviewed on Radio 2UE in Sydney, owned by Fairfax Media. Talking about our gender blends, the Señorita and Hombre.

The App Revolution

A decade ago, we would never have thought it possible. Today, we wonder how we ever managed without them. 

Apps — those cheap and simple little software programs — have revolutionised our lives turning our phones and our computers into information and entertainment super centres...

Fatherly Film Wins Award

Fathers everywhere might be getting celebrated tomorrow, but an amateur writer and director has decided to explore the meaning of a father’s love in a short film created for the WaggaFest Festival. 

The nearly three-minute video features prominent men based in the city including Kapooka Commandant David Hay, realtor Adam Drummond and former NRL player David Barnhill sharing a special moment with their daughters...

Employers, Staff, cash in on penalty rate debate

Employees are the number one priority at Wagga's The Blessed Bean cafe.

But with penalty rate legislation a constant grind for many small businesses, keeping things that way can be a delicate balancing act for its proprietor.

The Best Street coffee roaster is currently trialling just how viable being open on Sunday is...

The Blessed Bean is the Gender Blender

Changing the oil on the ute this weekend? Or planning a marathon Westfield shopping expedition? You're going to need the right coffee to get you started.

Luckily, the Blessed Bean, of Wagga Wagga, has just the brew for you: coffees blended specifically for men and women.

Director Jason Dowding says his “Hombre” and “Senorita” brews were devised after a wide range of samples were given to 700 customers earlier this year. The customers were asked to grade the coffee, and the responses were analysed...

Coffee Roaster Creates Blend for Men and Women

WHOEVER said men were from Mars and women were from Venus was wrong. They're from Brazil and Ethiopia, according to a Riverina coffee roaster.

The Blessed Bean owners Simone and Jason Dowding surveyed about 700 customers through blind cupping tests to distinguish the coffee characteristics favoured by each sex...

Roastery Creates Gender-Specific Blends After Blind Cuppings

An Australian coffee roastery has created blends specific to gender preferences, after blind cuppings and arecdotal reports from hundreds of its customers. The Australian News Corporation first reported on the interesting marketing tactic late last month, saying that Simone and Jason Dowding, owners of Blessed Bean Coffee Roasters and retail Bar in the New South Wales city of Wagga Wagga, had tested brews on some 700 customers to see if any patterns emerged between genders...

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