Connect, Inspire, Make a Difference


We know that everything amazing starts with a genuine connection. We work to build meaningful relationships with our customers helping them to feel comfortable and welcome in our Cafes. We understand that great coffee is simply a ‘hello’. We take the opportunity to deepen relationships whenever we can by politely asking questions to get to know the person behind the order. We delight our customers with our willingness to connect with them. Everyone who walks through our doors deserves to feel like a regular. Names are the doorways to relationships so we use our customers names and give our own generously and genuinely. We’re serious about what we do and work hard to serve others, but we have a whole lot of fun doing it. Our care for our coffee comes second only to the care for our team. They are the reason regulars will become regulars.


We are empowered to make each customers visit to The Blessed Bean a memorable one. We know that positivity is contagious and work to help everyone who passes through our cafes feel something. We have the opportunity to learn lifelong skills while at work and do our part to seek out opportunities to grow. We constantly seek out new ways to improve the environment, service and coffee in our cafes. We believe that giving is better than taking. We give the unexpected to our customers and inspire them to pass it on. We inspire our customers’ curiosity with stories and educate them on how to enjoy their coffee. We value and leverage our diverse talents and backgrounds to inspire our customers to think differently. We create a work environment of such strong teamwork and support that our customers can’t help but notice.

Make a Difference.

We notice things. We respond to the needs of our customers even if they haven’t expressed them yet. We make problems temporary. When we see something that isn’t right we take ownership and resolve it immediately. We know that the small things make all the difference. Nothing is too small for us not to notice. We present ourselves, in appearance and behaviour, in a way that is welcoming and allows us to connect with the people around us - even when we think no one is watching. We know that the cleanliness of our cafes allows our customers to relax so we are uncompromising with how our cafes are presented. Busy means that people are loving what we do so we accept the compliment with a composed smile and thrive in a booming cafe. When we receive feedback we use it as a chance to learn, improve and be better tomorrow. It might be hard, but we know that the feedback has been given to help us be more. We realise we are nothing without our local community. We tirelessly search for new ways to give back to them and foster a sense of community in our cafe with our in house events and classes.

The Blessed Bean is inspired to make a difference, to our customers, our staff, our suppliers and our community.
We encourage you to get involved!

The Blessed Bean Collective

Every day we strive to connect with our customers and tell the story of how they personally contribute to this community and make a difference to someone's day. We think that it's incredible how much people can give without expecting anything in return. We salute these heroes, invite them to join our tribe, and reward them with a free coffee. This coffee can then be paid forward to others within the community that are so deserving. We salute you.

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea & Jeans for Genes Day 2015

Staff Community Projects

At The Blessed Bean, we empower our employees to help others by giving them time each week to invest in community projects. These are the ways our staff are making a difference!

Simone Dowding: Producing short films that draw attention to issues such as domestic violence and suicide.

Support for Wagga Women's Health Centre

The Blessed Bean supports the Wagga Womens Health Centre. We have raised over $30,000 for their charity through event organisation (movie nights, cooking classes and a race day), as well as Simone's contribution from her film winning Wagga Waggafest 2013.