Single Origin

Single origin coffee is coffee grown within one geographical location, usually from just one farm or estate, although it could be as specific as coffee from just one field. At The Blessed Bean, we source our coffee from a range of regions, each with a unique flavour profile.

Individual flavours are shaped by factors such as plant variety, altitude, sun exposure, rainfall, soil and farming techniques. Single origin coffees offer the opportunity to appreciate the unique stories and profiles delivered by different regions. 

The Blessed Bean Premium Cafe Blends

At The Blessed Bean, we aim to combine our origin coffee in such a way that it is the perfect balance of flavour and complexity. We are proud to showcase our regular and premium cafe blends, as well as our blends that pay homage to their origins.

Premium Black:

Top dog. Numero uno. With rich dark chocolate and caramel sweetness, nutty undertones and hints of spice to finish, this coffee is by far our most popular. An easy crowd pleaser, you can't go wrong with this blend.

Premium White:

Our award winning espresso blend is hand roasted in the Riverina using top quality arabica beans from Colombia and Ethiopia. It has a rich, full bodied, fruity flavour with hints of walnut.

Central/South American Blends

The Blessed Bean has developed four iconic blends to meet the distinct preferences of the male and female palate:

Adventurous and courageous by nature, The Hombre embodies the essence at the core of every man. Flavours abound with deep chocolate, hazelnut, and a touch of tobacco. The subtle acidity and medium body bring balance to this brew. Lastly, ripe stone fruit linger on the pallet. Hombre is reliable to the last drop.

The Senorita is a classic female. It is short and sharp up front which softens into a well rounded blend. This coffee displays ripe fruit characteristics with a brightness and acidity that's apparent from the first sip. Underneath the crema is a full bodied buxom wench that oozes the sweetness of milk chocolate and caramel. This is a coffee that leaves an aftertaste of desire and the need for another cup. Brazilian, Guatemalan and Indonesian are the origins of choice for this spirited blend.

God Cup is a divine blend of the far reaches of the globe and delivers a unique and intensely satisfying taste experience. This product delivers the history of families and individuals steeped in decades of hard work and pride in one cup. God Cup is a reflection of what is tasting great and whose story we would like to tell. Enjoy the expression and interpretation of this wonderful coffee.

Espingarda kicks like an angry mule. This coffee is fully loaded with a combination of strength and flavour to catapult you into action.  Not for the faint at heart, Espingarda is rich and earthy with inherit undertones of the monsoonal winds of India.  A heady combination of four powerful coffees give a smooth well balanced mouth feel and a slightly honeyed aftertaste.  The coffees chosen for this powerhouse are seasonal and will change slightly according to harvest times and availability, but be rest assured it will always be a well balanced, hand crafted, sensation on the palate.