We Provide

  •  Handcrafted coffee roasted in small batches for consistency, delivered to your door
  •  The opportunity to create your own Signature Blend
  •  Branded disposable cups & keep cups
  • Branded ceramic cups
  •  Merchandise including aprons, umbrellas, barriers, t-shirts, buttons
  • Aeropress products for sale within your café or retail outlet
  • La Marzzoco Equipment technical support
  •  Ongoing Training, including barista training and latte art
  • Marketing support, including social media, publicity, offers, incentives and campaigns to drive sales
  •  Professional business advice
  • Limited places available on origin trips. Imagine being able to hand pick the berry, speak to the farmer, and pass this on to your customer.


Our training aims to instill passion about where our coffee comes from, how it was picked and processed, as well as how to take our freshly roasted beans and turn them into a beverage that delivers beyond your customers' expectations. Skilled Baristas, clever latte art, passion and knowledge about the coffee origins are sure ways to success.

Machinery & Technical Support

We have aligned ourselves with companies showing a proven and respected record in our industry and are proud to be able to offer you coffee machines from world renowned espresso machine manufacturer La Marzzoco and equally respected Mazzer grinders.

Professional Business Support

Not only does The Blessed Bean deliver training and expert advice, but Simone and Jason also act as Coffee Consultants, assisting with workflow, organisation, staffing, menus, and branding. The Blessed Bean approach is to focus on the whole experience for the customer, as it’s not just about the coffee.